The Band

imageDear friends,

I am happy you found your way to our homepage!

Savor de ladino (‘Taste of Ladino’) was established in Malmo, Sweden, in January 2013, consisting of musicians from various cultural and musical backgrounds who joined forces to this unique project. The band performs newly written music and lyrics in the Sephardic (Jewish-Spanish) music genre and in the Ladino language. The idea to start composing Ladino music and lyrics and to establish Savor de ladino emerged several years ago, when I realized that little new repertoire within this beautiful genre has been created since the 1940s and that the number of Ladino speakers is quickly decreasing.

Whereas Eastern European Jewish culture and klezmer music is widely known, the culture and music of the Sephardim, including such big classics as Adio kerida, Kuando el rey Nimrod and Noches noches are still relatively unknown worldwide. This project can be seen as an homage to the Sephardic music and the Ladino language.

If you are already acquainted with this music style, I hope you will be able to feel yourself at home when listening to our music.

Muncho plazer! Enjoy!

Yair Sapir (Composer, lyricist and artistic director)





Savor de Ladino consists of (left to right): Troels Strange Lorentzen (accordion), Ida Bergström Forsberg (percussion), Alexandra Nilsson (cello), Simon Mårtensson (guitar), Mats Nystam (bouzouki and mandolin) and Tania Wayra Salazar (vocals).

Behind the scenes:

  • Yair Sapir (composer, lyricist and artistic director)
  • Matilda Koén-Sarano (lyricist)